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Waltraud Maierhofer
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For recent activities and a full list of publications, go to Humanities Commons, https://hcommons.org/members/wmaierhofer/

 1988 Dr. phil. (equivalent to Ph. D.) University of Regensburg, Germany

Courses recently taught by Professor Maierhofer include:
Contraception Across Time and Cultures (in English)
Fantastic and Supernatural in German Fiction (GenEd Arts, in English)
Pact with the Devil (GenEd Arts, in English)
Beautiful Souls and Scandalous Writings (in German)
Literature in Film (in German)
German Cultural History (in German)
Disabilities in Global Writing and Film (in English) 
Witch Trials: Fact and Fiction (in English)
Introduction to German Literature
Honors Seminars

Waltraud has directed several research projects by undergraduates, resulting in co-authored publications such as

  • An edition of prints by Johann Heinrich Ramberg, colored by Emanuella Israel, published with VDG Weimar (2016).
  • “‘Ich will nichts wissen’: Wissen und Verleugnung von sexualisierter Gewalt in Die Marquise von O... und Christoph Starks Film Julietta (2001),”  Heinrich von Kleist—Style and Concept (2013) with Ambika Athreya. 
  • “Juli Zeh’s Corpus Delicti (2009): Health Care, Terrorists, and the Return of the Political Message,” Monatshefte (2012) a translation by Jennifer Vanderbeek, “The Birdmaker Girl: The Story of a Child Witch in Switzerland” [sample chapters], The Dirty Goat (2011), with Virginia McCalmont,

Waltraud Maierhofer is professor of German and in the Global Health Studies Program. She teaches courses on German literature and culture and also on international culture (“Contraception across time and cultures”). Waltraud received the May Brodbeck Humanities Fellowship from the University of Iowa and has been awarded fellowships and grants from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Foundation Weimar Classics, etc.

Among her current projects is a Public Humanities digital catalogue of illustrations by the artist Johann Heinrich Ramberg in the early 19th century, entitled J. H. Ramberg as Illustrator of Books and Almanacs, http://rambergillustrations.lib.uiowa.edu

Waltraud's most recent publication is “Abortion in Sweden and in Henning Mankell’s Before the Frost.” Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, 2021, online first https://www.tandfonine.com/doi/full/10.1080/08038740.2021,1876164.

Another recent publication is "Illustrations for the Divan in Editions of Goethe’s Works during his Lifetime,"  Publications of the English Goethe Society (Special issue: Goethe's West-östlicher Divan and its Uses), Volume 89, Issue 2-3 (2020), 137-156.  https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09593683.2020.1829156.

She is the author of Hexen  – Huren – Heldenweiber. Bilder des Weiblichen in Erzähltexten über den Dreißigjährigen Krieg (2005). It examines the representation of women and femininity in a wide range of narrative texts from the seventeenth century to the present that retell the Thirty Years War. She co-edited Deutsche Literatur im Kontext (2008), a textbook for teaching “Introduction to German Literature.” It which spans the middle of the eighteenth century to the present and draws a lot on her experience of teaching undergraduates here at the University of Iowa.

She coedited Women Against Napoleon: Historical and Fictional Responses (2007). She is the author of 60+ articles on topics of 18th to 21st German literary and visual culture and recently global culture. Recent articles range from illustrations of Goethe works, Goethe and forestry, to historical fiction by Lion Feuchtwanger (The Devil in Boston) and Sabine Weigand to Terry Gilliam’s film Brothers Grimm and the Dr. Who science fiction series. They have appeared f. e. in Monatshefte, Colloquium Helveticum, Goethe Yearbook, Zeitschrift für Germanistik, Wieland-Handbuch or Word and Image in the 18th Century. Her dissertation and first book (1990) studied Goethe’s last novel, Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre, and the Zeitroman or panoramic novel of the mid-nineteenth century by Immermann and Gutzkow.

Out of her interest in the connections of literature and art, Waltraud has completed critical editions of letters by the painter Angelica Kauffmann (on whom she also authored a “Rowohlt Bildmonographie”), a travel book on Florence by Adele Schopenhauer (2007) with which the sister of the philosopher hoped to educate and entertain especially women travelers, as well as a bilingual edition of the opera libretto Circe with the translation by Goethe and Christian August Vulpius.

Waltraud is co-editor of the Women in German Yearbook/Feminist German Studies, which publishes feminist research in German Studies; she served as the coalition’s treasurer before and was a long-term book review editor and field editor of Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography.

Further, she represents the US on the board of the Internationale Vereinigung für Germanistik (IVG) which organizes a major conference every five years.