Elke Heckner

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Elke Heckner
574 PH
Office Hours:
M 4:30-5:30, T 5:00-6:00
Th 2:00-3:00

PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests:
Holocaust, genocide and memory studies; film and media studies; gender and sexuality studies; 19th- 21st century German literature and philosophy; theater, drama and performance studies; science and technology studies

Elke Heckner teaches in the German Department. She is currently completing a book manuscript, tentatively entitled, “Thinking Memories of Futurity: Holocaust, Genocide and 9/11.”  Her recent articles in Shofar and New German Critique examine issues of second-generation witnessing and post-memory in film and memorial architecture. She is also revising a second book project “Performing Terror: Unruly Bodies, Gender, and Modernity,” for publication, which traces the genealogy and epistemology of (gender) terrorism in canonical texts of German modernity (such as Hegel’s master-slave dialectic).

Courses include:
Third Reich and Literature
German Film
Politics/Memory: Holocaust, Genocide, and 9/11 (Spring 2015)