Honors Thesis in German

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The Honors Thesis in German is an academically rigorous research project undertaken under the direct supervision of a University of Iowa faculty mentor. Every German Honors Thesis must be approved by a faculty mentor and a committee. It can be a research paper or a translation project with discussion. Both must include documentation of sources. The thesis

  • is usually 30 to 50 pages long and written in English.
  • follows an academic style sheet, in most cases MLA. Discuss with your mentor whether you need to provide translations of quotes in German.
  • has a title page,
  • a one to three paragraph abstract (400 words or less),
  • includes careful citation of quoted or summarized material (discuss the appropriate format with your faculty mentor), and
  • a required Works Cited/Bibliography.

Students should register for GRMN: 4991 - Honors Thesis when registering for the semester in which the thesis will be completed. By this time they should have a short description of the project (1-page with major sources) and secure agreement by the mentor. GRMN 4991 is an independent research experience with meeting times arranged by student and faculty mentor. Students earn 3 s.h. of graded credit for completing it.  

The final add deadline for the fall or spring semester is 4:30 pm on the 10th day of the session.

Style: Discuss with your Faculty Mentor the best formatting style for your thesis (i.e. discipline-specific formatting styles). Your thesis must include a title page, an abstract (400 words or less), careful citation (footnotes or in-text citation), and a bibliography.

Defense: You are required to discuss your thesis in a meeting (of 30 to 45 minutes) with your mentor and two other UI faculty members. The two other faculty members do not need to be in German. This meeting (“defense”) is usually scheduled at least a week before the last week of teaching in order to allow last changes and editing for submission of the thesis. Students provide the committee members with a copy or file of their thesis as approved by their mentor for the purpose of the defense at least a week prior. After the defense the Honors Thesis Defense Form is filled out and filed by the department.

What are the semester specific deadlines for my Honors Thesis?

Be sure to know the semester deadlines, so you can finish in time.

Are There Additional Requirements for Graduating with Honors?   

If you plan to graduate the semester in which you are completing your honors thesis, carefully read "Graduation and Commencement Information."   All graduating students must submit an Application for Degree in MyUI / Student Information (the deadline to avoid a late fee, and to ensure that the student will be identified as graduating with Honors in the Major for commencement is the Friday of week six in the fall and spring semester). Students graduating with Honors in the major must verify on the online form that they plan to complete Honors in the Major requirements. Contact registrar-degree-applications@uiowa.edu with questions about applying for a degree or about commencement ceremonies.

How Do I Submit My Completed GRMN:4991 Honors Thesis?

Students are advised to keep a copy of all honors thesis materials for their own records.

Faculty mentor: Turn in one copy or file of your thesis to your faculty mentor for grading before the end of the last week of teaching. Be sure to communicate with your mentor about an appropriate deadline that will give him/her time to review your final thesis so that he/she can then sign your honors thesis cover sheet.

To the department: Prior to 4:30 pm on the Friday before finals week, email to the Honors advisor in German your final thesis (including title page, abstract, and Works Cited) along with the

Consider Publishing your Thesis on Iowa Research Online: All students completing honors in the major have the option of submitting their thesis materials to the Iowa Research Online repository. Please refer to the CLAS honors thesis or project submission page for detailed instructions. Submission requires a submission agreement form completed online by the faculty mentor (the faculty person with whom you worked on your thesis). Once the form is completed online, the thesis can be uploaded to the repository. The deadline to submit thesis materials to the repository is 11:59 p.m. on the Wednesday of Final Examination Week.